Image of VINYL LPs

Sky Blue wax.
13 rippers mastered specifically for vinyl.
Released by Wiretap Records.
Divided Heaven are back with a new album COLD WAR, due out on 7/20 via Wiretap Records. The 13-song collection was recorded and produced by Charlie Stavish (Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis, La Sera) at his studio, The Clock Tower Recorder, in Joshua Tree, California.

“Our new record is a new beginning for Divided Heaven,” vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Jeff Berman explains. “It’s a new sound and direction set by songs that are contemplative, heartbreaking and raw.” Now, the band is back with their third LP, Cold War, slated for release on 7/20. Produced by Charlie Stavish, Cold War displays the band’s softer, more contemplative side. “Cold War is (and was) meant to be different, all around,” says Berman. “It was recorded differently, written differently, and presented differently. It’s less singer-songwriter and more full-band; less a collection of songs and more of a cohesive group of songs. I simply can not waiting for people to hear it and feel it.”

1) Fire
2) Home For The Summer
3) 1983
4) The Daughters & The Sons
5) Love Letter To New York
6) Dance With Old Habits
7) Maeby, We Should Say Goodbye
8) You Will Never Get Rid Of This
9) Nightlife Youth
10) Delancey
11) Cold War
12) Stay What You Are
13) The Getaway


Hot Pink wax. 2nd pressing.
12 gut-wrenching songs mastered specifically for vinyl.
Released by SAY-10 Records.

Youngblood showcases punk/indie scene vet Jeff Berman at his finest; blending a captivating songwriting style with profound, heart-wrenchingly vulnerable lyrics. Fans and critics concur: from the first catchy-as-hell single, ‘Melissa Militia’ to the poetically-personal title track, to the anthemic album closer, ‘Gin’ to the CMJ ranked single,’Ego and Nothing More’ to the ominously dark, ‘kateiswar’.
Youngblood was recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Charlie Stavish (who continues to work with the likes of Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis, etc.) with the exception of the track ‘Melissa Militia’ which was recorded and produced by the legendary Stephen Egerton (of the Descendents and ALL).

1) Youngblood
2) The Worst
3) Melissa Militia
4) Kateiswar
5) Mass Ave
6) P. Levi
7) Musser Park
8) Crooked Smiles / Brutal Miles
9) Ego and Nothing More
10) Safety-Pinned Heart
11) Kew Gardens
12) Gin


10 songs from the debut record by DIVIDED HEAVEN, produced by Bradley Riot.
Released by No Panic Records.

1) Five and Dime To Hollywood
2) Fight or Flight
3) Born-Again Non-Believer
4) KeyStone
5) Brandywine
6) 1,000 New Conclusions
7) The Return
8) A Tribute To Amnesia
9) Usual (Chris) Suspect
10) East/West